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See What I Hear

November 2013
Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

See What I Hear explore the relationship between sound and human instinct.  In our every life the sounds around us create an environment, a source of communication, and even a general feeling of safety.  What happens when our familiar soundscape becomes distorted or even disappears? Murphy/Smith Dance Collective investigates how sound, or lack of sound, affects our way of life and communication.

(Length - 50:00)

Co-Choreographed by: Jamie Erin Murphy and Renee Smith (Murphy/Smith Dance Collective)

Dancers: Abigail Adkins, Jamie Erin Murphy, Brady Sanders, Shana Simmons, Renee Smith, Laura Warnock, Lamar Williams

Music: Original composition by Gordon Nunn

Costumes: Jamie Erin Murphy

Photography: Mark Simpson

Video: - Email for access to full-length work

***This project was made possible by the Heinz Small Arts Initiative and the Kelly-Strayhorn Theatre

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