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[gravity + grace]

September 2009
Hillman Center for the Performing Arts, Pittsburgh, PA

Artist Frank Ferraro was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at 42, while collaborator and musician Stephen Pellegrino was the caregiver to his father-in-law who suffered from the same disease.  The two came together to create this contemporary opera based off of the relationship between patient and caregiver and the everyday struggles and challenges that come along with that relationship.  Choreographer, Jamie Erin Murphy joins them on this journey putting the obsticles faced into movement with her modern dance exploration in [gravity + grace]

(Length - 55:00)

Written by: Frank Ferraro

Directed by: Stephen Pellegrino
Choreography by : Jamie Erin Murphy
Original music composed by : Stephen Pellegrino
Lighting design : Andrew David Ostrowski
Visual art direction : Frank Ferraro
Video : Ben Hernstrom
Costumes : Celina Ferencz, Ashley Capps
Additional music by : Frank Ferraro
Contributing artist: Jay  Del Greco

Brian Czarniecki
Adrienne Wehr *
Renee Smith
Jamie Erin Murphy
Stephen Pellegrino
Rennisannce City Choir

***This project was made possible by The Heinz Endowment, Sprout Fund and the Parkinson's Foundation of Western PA.

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