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May 2016
Byham Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

Emergency is a modern work based around the idea of the female struggle for empowerment and equality. This piece explores the ideas of support, breakdown, and the ferocity of the female spirit through contemporary movement. Originally an all female cast of 28, this piece was commissioned and restructured for Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Schools Graduate Program for a cast of 11 women and 5 men.  This piece was also performed at Point Park University as part of PBTS Pre-Professional Showcase.

(Length - 9:27)

Choreography by: Jamie Erin Murphy

Dancers: Artists from the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School

Music: Tony Gatlif

Photography: Rich Sofranko

Video: please email for access to footage

***This piece was made possible by the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School under the direction of Marjorie Grundvig and Dennis Marshall

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