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May 2011
Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

Murphy and Smith take two solo works and morph them into a duet to give the audience a serene sense of two worlds co-existing. Murphy embodies the feeling of time passing without the ability to move forward, while Smith searches for a sense of belonging with a desperate need to return to the past.  While the two individuals dance in a whirlwind of their own circumstance, their crossing paths inevitably affect one another's journey.  This work was presented as part of the newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival.

(Length- 7:00)

Co-Choreographed and danced by: Jamie Erin Murphy and Renee Smith (Murphy/Smith Dance Collective)

Music by: Zoe Keating

Costumes: Jamie Erin Murphy and Renee Smith

Photography by: John Altdorfer

For Video:

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