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In My State

June 2009
Bakery Square, Pittsburgh, PA

In My State is a duet that was created for the Sprout Funds Hot House Fundraiser in 2009 and was a ealry study of what would later be explored in Frank Ferraro's [gravity + grace].  It is influenced by the relationship of patient and caregiver and the struggles that exist within those boundaries.  This piece was later performed at the Three10Moment Dance Fesival at the Father Ryan Arts Center in 2010.

(Length - 5:52)

Choreographed by: Jamie Erin Murphy

Dancers: Jamie Erin Murphy and Renee Smith

Music: Frank Ferraro

Costumes: Jamie Erin Murphy

Photography: Unknown

Video: please email for access to footage.

***This piece was made possibe by the Sprout Fund and Frank Ferraro.

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