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December 2012
Pittsburgh Dance Center, Pittsburgh, PA

I Am Woman is a contemporary dance work built to explore and mirror the evolution of the female image through time.  This work reflects the role of women in the home, workplace, relationships, media and society and how the stereotypes have developed and progressed during the last century.  The piece was originally created for the Ellis School's Culture Jam and was developed into a full length work for the December 2012 world premiere. A 30 minute version was also presented at the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival in 2014.

(Length - 45:00)

Co-Choreographed by: Jamie Erin Murphy and Renee Smith (Murphy/Smith Dance Collective)

Dancers: Abigail Adkins, Megan McGlennen, Jamie Erin Murphy, Patricia Petronello, Brady Sanders, Shana Simmons, Bridget Scheiner, Renee Smith, Laura Warnock


Music: Various Artists

Costumes: Jamie Erin Murphy and Renee Smith


Photography: Bill Shirley and Rob Children



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